How to Tie Swim Trunks? 5 Mins Guide

Swim trunks aren’t just cool beach wear, they’re key to a comfy, worry-free day by the water. In this guide, we’re taking a deep dive into swim trunks. We’ll chat about their spot in the fashion world and, most importantly, show you how to tie them just right. So, let’s jump in and keep those trunks where they belong!

What are Swim Trunks and Their Types?

Let’s chat about swim trunks! These cool shorts aren’t just for swimming – they’re a big deal in men’s fashion too. They come in lots of styles and it’s important to tie them right so they’re comfy and look good.

Swim trunks are shorts we wear for swimming or hanging out at the beach. They’re made from light stuff like nylon or polyester that dries fast. There are a few types of swim trunks:

  • Classic Swim Trunks: These are like normal shorts, but with a stretchy waistband and mesh inside.
  • Board Shorts: These are longer and looser, made for surfing and paddleboarding.
  • Swim Briefs: Also known as “speedos,” these are tight and short, great for racing in the pool.

Tying your swim trunks right is a big deal. If they’re tied well, they stay put, so you can swim and play without worrying. They also look better when they’re tied right. Plus, you don’t want your trunks coming loose – trust us, it’s embarrassing!

How do Guys Wear Swim Trunks?

Proper fitting of swim trunks

When selecting a size, always consider your waist measurement. Swim trunks should sit comfortably on your hips. Length-wise, they should hit about two to three inches above the knee, although personal preference plays a role here. Always try them on before purchasing, as sizes may vary between brands.

Importance of tying swim trunks correctly

Next, we can’t stress enough the importance of correctly tying your swim trunks. This is crucial not only for comfort and fit but also for your dignity. A well-tied swim trunk ensures security and confidence as you swim, walk, or lounge.

Tying your swim trunks correctly also avoids the risk of accidents, such as the trunks slipping off. This can easily happen if the knot is not secure or if the drawstrings are worn out. Therefore, always ensure your trunks are tied adequately tight and double-check the condition of the drawstrings.

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What is the Best Knot for Swimming Shorts?

Swim trunks are an essential part of any beach or poolside outfit. Tying them properly can provide not only comfort but also a secure fit and a stylish look. As we explore the world of knots, we aim to help you find the best way to tie your swimming shorts, ensuring maximum comfort and style.

Different Types of Knots

Several types of knots can effectively secure swim trunks. The most common ones include:

  • the square knot: simple to tie and untie, but it can slip under tension.
  • the granny knot: easy to tie but can become easily undone
  • the surgeon’s knot: more secure but a bit more complicated to tie

After careful analysis, we believe the best knot for swimming shorts is typically the square knot due to its balance of simplicity and security.

Step-by-step Guide on Tying the Best Knot for Swim Trunks

Here’s how to tie a square knot for your swim trunks:

  1. Hold the two ends of the drawstring—one in each hand.
  2. Pass the end in your right hand over the one in your left hand and then under it, as if you were tying a simple knot. Pull it tight.
  3. Now, do the same thing, but this time start with the end that is now in your left hand. Pass it over the one in your right hand and then under it.
  4. Pull both ends to tighten the knot. You should have a secure square knot that will hold your swim trunks up nicely.

How do you Tie Board Shorts Tighter?

We often receive queries about how to tie board shorts tighter. As pet care professionals who love to hit the beach with our furry friends, we understand the need for a secure and comfortable fit. Sometimes, the waves might be rougher, or you might engage in rigorous water sports, necessitating a tighter fit of your board shorts. Other times, you may have lost some weight, and your favorite pair of shorts suddenly feels too loose. In such situations, knowing how to tie your board shorts tighter can come in handy.

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Fixing Swim Trunk Tie Troubles

Ever had trouble tying your swim trunks? We’ve all been there. Let’s break down the common problems and how you can fix them, with some handy advice from us.

Troubles Tying Swim Trunks

Slippery knots, trunks too tight or loose, or the fear of a wardrobe malfunction – sound familiar? These are the usual swim trunk tie hassles. Tough knots, discomfort, and the struggle of untying can turn fun into frustration.

Easy Fixes to These Problems

So, how do you solve these problems? Check out these easy fixes:

  • Slippery Knots: Try different knot types. The square or double loop knot could be your hero.
  • Feeling Squeezed: Test the tightness before you get wet. Trunks feel tighter when they’re wet, so make sure they’re comfy when dry.
  • Hard to Untie: Keep it simple. Go for easy-to-untie knots like the bowknot.

Also, a good drawstring can be a game-changer for tying swim trunks.

Top Tips for Tying Trunks

From our experience, here are some top tips. Make sure your trunks fit well. Good fitting trunks are easier to tie. Don’t hurry when you’re tying your trunks. Take your time to get it right. Practice makes perfect, so try out different knots to see what works best for you.


Tying your swim trunks properly is key. It can make your swim time more fun and helps you strut with confidence at the beach or pool.

So, remember these tips next time you’re off for a swim. Practice makes perfect, and soon you’ll be a pro at tying your trunks. We hope you have a great time swimming. Stay stylish and comfy with your well-tied trunks!